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NO. My very best programs about ecommerce and social media marketing are so successful, because they’ve helped thousands of people from all around the world, even if they had ZERO experience with marketing or selling online. If you are already experienced? Good! You’ll learn how to get much better.

Someone who is ready to take his or her life into their own hands. The lessons and actions you must take are simple, but at times, the process won’t be easy. That’s why you must be motivated to achieve your goal. The great news is the programs don’t just train you, they also keep you engaged and entertained!

There’s a very strong chance, yes. You’ll learn and develop valuable skills about personal development and business and more. Those are all things that every company in the world needs help with. The amazing thing is these skills will be taught by people actually in the trenches.

Not at all! Many businesses hire specialists virtually. In fact, it’s very common now for a company to have consultants and agencies working almost completely online. What matters more than where you live is how you can help them. So don’t make the mistake of thinking this will work in the US only. That’s not how the internet works…

Some people get them faster, or slower, than others. My general advice is to dedicate at least 15 minutes a day to the training. Even if it’s just listening to a lesson while on the treadmill or walking to the store, you’ll gradually develop both the mindset and education you need to become a true master of social media and ecommerce!

Some happy MEMBER'S

What I really appreciate about working with Ben is the clarity you get, given with a huge dollop of commonsense, fun and knowledge, all washed down with a wealth of experience. Every time I think of Ben I find myself smiling. He inspires me to be myself and open myself to the world.
Caroline E King
Ben has an in depth knowledge of the property industry and his advice has been invaluable in helping me with my buy to let properties. He is readily available to offer sound advice and genuinely interested in helping me with my issues.
Darren Lee
Manager at SKY

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